Cast List

How will the show be cast?

This show is an ensemble storytelling event.  Actors will be cast into a track and play multiple characters. Please show your acting range with your audition materials.

The goal is to double-cast the show, meaning there will be two actors playing each role. Each ensemble cast will perform equally. 

Please feel free to audition for as many of the acting tracks as you would like.

All genders and races will be considered for each of the five roles. The best performer for each role will be chosen regardless of demographic background.

Casting Tracks

Actor Character Track One

Mary Wollstonecraft/Shelley & Elizabeth Lavenza

Red cast - Bella Young    Black cast - Chloe Kleback

Actor Character Track Two

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Victor Frankenstein, Felix

Red cast - Parker Vaughn  Black cast - Parker Vaughn

Actor Character Track Three

Lord Byron,  Scottish Sailor, Professor Waldman, The Creature

Red cast- Alex Cambell 

Black cast- Alex Cambell 


Actor Character Track Four

Claire Clairmont, Portuguese Sailor, Mother, Villager, Sofia, Angel Of Death, William, Irish Woman/Woman In Black, Wedding Officiant

Red cast-  Lily Menzies 

Black cast- Ariel Sanders

Actor Character Track Five

Dr. John Polidori, Walton, Henry Clerval, Delacey

 Red cast - Gabriel Lilla

Black cast - Curran Flowers